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This is where we harness the power of Visual Vocabulary. With word-posters, memory tricks, contextual vocabulary and the power of YouTube videos, we offer you a chance to be a part of the vocabulary journey we offer

Letter K Words

Letter K Words: Hinglish (*For Indian Students only)

Letter Q Words

Letter Q Words: Hinglish (*For Indian Students only)

Letters X, Y, and Z Words

What is the Wordpandit Way of Learning Words?

This complete section is our answer to this question. The Wordpandit way to learn words is not a single thing but consists of four special ways of learning words. Which are these four ways? These are the four ways:

  • Visual Vocabulary: This is where you get to learn words through our specially designed ‘word-posters’. Word-posters are a theme based visual representations of the words that help you remember words. Along with visual, each w0ord has comprehensive articles that contains meanings, sentences example and a tip to learn the the particular.
  • Mnemonic Tips: This is the section where words are explained with the help of pictures as well as memory tricks. These memory tricks are simple associations derived from the words itself that make it easier for us to ingrain these words in our memory.
  • Contextual Vocab: Contextual Vocab is the study of words through the contexts they appear in. Words are used in certain ways and with an intended meaning. Through their implied contexts, we can learn their meaning: a method of reverse application. We would be using all possible sources to highlight the best usages, from those in Literature to current affair magazines and newspapers.
  • YouTube Vocab: Nothing is complete in this world without sound and video added to the mix. This sections is all about using the power of YouTube to explore words. Words are taught through videos and updated almost daily. So keep yourself plugged in. In between, you will get to see some great advertisements in this section as well.

How to Learn Words and what is the benefit of learning words?

Well, these are two important questions and you can find the answers to these questions in the following articles:


How to expand your vocabulary?
picture for brainwash
picture for atheist

Which is the most important criterion for learning words?

The most important criterion to learn words is that you need to have a purpose to learn; without a purpose to learn, it is very difficult to motivate yourself to learn words regularly.

How often should I learn words?

As often as possible! Learning words is a long term exercise that demands regularity and patience. You will not see the results overnight but over long duration of time. Once you achieve a certain critical mass, your learning will increase exponentially.

Do I need to revise the words I learn?

Yes, you absolutely need to. Along with revision, you also need to make sure that you use the words you learn. Use the words you learn either in written form (diary or blog) or in conversations. Make sure you regularly use them in order to learn them permanently.

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