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Learning words through their roots is an amazing learning method to learn them. One gets the benefit of learning multiple words through a single root; it is this multiplicity of knowledge that works wonders for an individual. YOU LEARN A SINGLE ROOT and YOU GET TO LEARN MULTIPLE WORDS.

Let us take the example of the root ‘nasc-,nat-’:-

Nascent is derived from the Latin Root ‘nasc-,nat-’, meaning ‘born or birth’. The very root of the word points to its meaning. There are some very interesting words based on this root are

  • Natal: Relating to or accompanying birth.
  • Prenatal: Occurring or existing before birth.
  • Neonatal: Concerning the first 28 days after the birth of a child or pertaining to a new born. This word is the combination of natal and neo (which means new).

Another word that we use incessantly and is second nature to us comes from this source. The word is nature itself. Nature is a derivative from the Latin word natura, meaning “essential qualities or innate disposition”. This word is further a derivative of our root under study ‘nat-’. Originally, natura referred to the intrinsic characteristics of plants, animals, and other features of the world. These were the features one was born with or existed right at the start. Hence, the word nature comes with a reference to these qualities. In modern times, the word nature is a variety of ways. One of those uses refers to the natural characteristics of a person. The other refers to the characteristics of this world and the features of this world minus the human beings.

Another tip that you can use to make to learn words through Root Diagrams. Represent words in a tree like manner in which you can learn them. Have a look at these two images:

Have a look at this one too:

The two images above are a sample learning method that you can employ to learn words. Try to build few of these root diagrams and just see the difference it makes to your learning.

In case you know of some useful relationships such as these, try positing them here as comments.


Happy Learning…:)

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