Picture for LibelThe word Libel is a noun that refers to a statement that expresses an unjust impression of an incident or event.
Libel originated around a300 and has been derived from the Latin word libellus.

Pronunciation: lahy-buh

Meanings of Libel

1. Defamation by written or printed words
2. Uttering or publishing slanderous, treasonable, or obscene statements about someone

Master’s Tip to Learn Libel

The word libel sounds close to ‘label’. We always tend to label people by their shortcomings, thus libel means a defamatory statement or false impression.

Sentence examples for Libel:

1. The defeated candidate tried to libel his opponents after the election.
2. The angry statements in the newspaper appeared almost to be statements of libel.
3. Foreign libel lawsuits are undermining this informational exchange.

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