Logical Reasoning Set-40 (Level-3)

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LIC AAO reasoning practice: LIC AAO reasoning practice problem sets that you should solve to crack the reasoning section

The Reasoning Ability section of most of the competitive exams is highly scoring. For this, you need to get a hang of the scope and syllabus of the subject and practice all of it completely. For this solve the LIC AAO reasoning practice sets and measure your performance and understanding of concepts throughout the practice. Keep a track of your initial performance with less preparation and gradual performances once you start with preparation. You need to ensure that the graph shows positive results. Slow down with test taking if you feel no/less growth in your score and focus more on understanding the concepts thoroughly and reviewing the solutions of previous tests. LIC AAO reasoning practice has complete and elaborate solutions, therefore review them thoroughly and carry forward the learning through this to your tests ahead.

Directions for the question set:
Five people joined different engineering colleges. Their first names were Sweety (Ms.), Sukanya (Ms.), Junaid, Mukul and Peehu (Ms.). The surnames were Rathore, Guleicha, Shah, Kuleika and Chaitnya. Except for one college which was rated as 3 grade, all other colleges were rated either 4 grade or 5 grade.
The “Mudra Institute” had a higher rating than the college where Peehu studied. The three-grade college was not “St. Xavier college”. Chemical college was a 4 grade college. Mukul’s last name was Guleicha but he didn’t study at “Birla college.” Sweety, whose last name wasn’t Shah, joined “Mundra Institute.” Ms. Kuleika and Junaid both studied at 4-grade colleges. Ms. Rathore studied at the “Ajinkya Institute,” which wasn’t 5-grade college. The “Birla college” was a 5-grade college. Sukanya’s last name wasn’t Chaitnya. The “Chemical College” was rated with one grade less than the college where Shah studied. Only one college was rated 5 grade.

Question 1: Mukul Guleicha may have joined:
A. Mudra – Institute which had 5 grade rating
B. St. xavier college which had 5 grade rating
C. Ajinkya Institute which had 4 grade rating
D. Chemical College which had 4 grade rating
E. Mudra – Institute which had 4 grade rating

Question 2: In which college did Peehu study?
A. Ajinkya Institute
B. Chemical Institute
C. Birla college
D. St. Xavier college
E. Mudra- Institute

Question 3: The person with surname Shah was:
A. Sweety studying in Chemical College
B. Sukanya studying in Birla College
C. Peehu studying in St. xavier college
D. Junaid studying in St. xavier college
E. Sweety studying in Mudra-Institute

Question 4: Which is the correct combination of first names and surnames?
A. Mukul Guleicha, Sweety Kuleika, Peehu Chaitnya
B. Peehu Chaitnya, Sweety Shah, Junaid Kuleika
C. Junaid Shah, Sukanya Rathore, Mukul Guleicha
D. Mukul Guleicha, Junaid Shah, Sweety Rathore
E. Junaid Chaitnya, Peehu Rathore, Sukanya Shah

Question 5: Which option gives a possible student – institute combination?
A. Peehu – Ajinkya, Sukanya – St. Xavier, Mukul -Chemical
B. Sukanya-Birla, Peehu-Ajinkya, Junaid-St. Xavier
C. Junaid – Chemical, Peehu – Mudra, Mukul – Birla
D. Peehu – Ajinkya, Junaid – Mudra, Sweety -Birla
E. Sukanya – St. Xavier, Peehu – Ajinkya, Sweety -Mudra

Answers and Explanations: Click the down arrow to expand

Common solution for the set:

According to the given data provided in the question, direct inferences that can be made are:

1. Only one college was rated as 3-grade and one as five grade.

2. Birla college was rated as 5-grade.

It is also given that Ms. Rathore joined ‘Ajinkya Institute’ Since Sweety(Ms.) joined at Mudra Institute’, Mukul and Junaid are not Ms. So either Peehu or Sukanya has to be Rathore. Also, Mukul cannot study in Mudra, Ajinkya or Birla. So he joined either St. Xavier or Chemical.

It is given that Ms. Kuleika and Junaid joined a 4-grade college and Sukanya’s last name was not Chaitnya. Chemical college had a rating one less than that of the college where Shah joined. So it has to be either a 3-grade or a 4-grade college. But Mukul joined St. Xavier or Chemical, a 4-grade and Chemical as given to be a 4 grade collge. Birla is a 5-grade. St. Xavier, Mudra and Chemical are 4-grades.

So Ajinkya is a 3-grade and Peehu Rathore joined Ajinkya. Shah joined a 5-grade rated college, So Sukanya should have joined there. Based on the infer¬ences, the following table can be formed:


Answers 1: (D)

Mukul Guleicha may have joined Chemical College which had 4 grade rating.

The correct option is (D).

Answers 2: (A)

From the table, Peehu studied in Ajinkya Institute.

The correct option is (A).

Answers 3: (B)

From the table, the person with surname Shah was Sukanya studying in Birla College.

The correct option is (B).

Answers 4: (E)

From the table, the correct combination of first names and surnames Junaid Chaitnya, Peehu Rathore, Sukanya Shah.

The correct option is (E).

Answers 5: (B)

From the table the possible student – institute combination is: Sukanya-Birla, Peehu-Ajinkya, Junaid-St. Xavier.

The correct option is (B).

Extra tips for LIC AAO reasoning practice exam:
• It is very important to develop a strategy or an attempt plan through the LIC AAO reasoning practice sets that you can abide by in the exam.
• Pen down the direct inferences as soon as you come across one while reading a problem.
• Review your performance while solving LIC AAO reasoning practice sets and note down any important method/formula you come across in the solution.

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