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A heavy bag on the shoulders bulging from all sides and numerous tensions gripping the mind on the way to school-that was me, in my childhood. And i am cocksure the same was true for almost all Indian school going students. A lot of the students have to suffer because of the faulty education system. Although the situation has changed but still a lot needs to be done in this regard. The mindset of Indian parents is such that every one of them expects their kids to have impeccable results.

And if the children are not able to do so, they have to face the wrath of their parents. Only a few parents stress upon the basic purpose of education-that is learning and not cramming. Competition has gained priority over learning. Because of all the tuitions, homework, exams, projects children tend to become couch- potatoes .They hardly get any time and opportunity for social and creative activities.

I can still remember those days, huge amounts of syllabus that was jargon for me had to be memorized before each exam. And the fear of wrath of the teachers and parents after the results used to send me into a state of drooling. We all used to pray with great devoutness that somehow the room containing our answer sheets should catch fire. And the advent of final examinations was like the arrival of some calamity for me. But I do hope that in future, just like the grading system some other major changes in our education system will take place that will make education an exciting activity for the students rather than the burden it presently is.

Words to be learnt from the context given above:
1. bulging
2. cocksure
3. impeccable
4. wrath
5. couch- potatoes
6. jargon
7. wrath
8. drooling
9. calamity

Click on the word to view their visual representation. The purpose of this post to help our users with the contextual use of words. We find contextual usage as the best method of learning words and hence, this section.

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