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List of countries travelled by Prime Minister Narendra Modi is an important Current affair topic for MBA, Bank PO, SSC and other competitive exams. You can expect at least 1-2 questions from Countries travelled by Modi in any competitive exams. The list includes Countries travelled by Modi in 2014, Countries travelled by Modi in 2015, Countries travelled by Modi in 2016 and Countries travelled by Modi in 2017.

Facts regarding Modi’s foreign trip

  • As of July 2017, Modi has made 31 foreign trips on 6 continents, visiting 49 countries includingthe visits to USA to attend UN general assembly, to Asian countries, following his neighbourhood first and act east policies.
  • Modi has visited US 5 times while Modi he has travelled to France, Germany, Russia thrice.
  • Modi has reportedly travelled 3.4 lakh kilometres over the last three years.
  • India has spent Rs 275 crore on flights used by PM Modi for these visits since May 26, 2014.
  • The most expensive trip- Rs 31.2 crore was undertaken by the Prime Minister for an eight-day journey through France, Germany and Canada from April 9-17 in 2015.
  • PM Modi has spent 55 days in foreign countries. The number reduced to 40 in his second year, and to 24 in the third.

Countries visited by Prime Minister Modi in 2014


S.NoCountry visitedDatePurpose
1.Bhutan16–17 JuneState visit
2.Brazil13–16 JulyBRICS Summit & State visit
3.Nepal3–4 AugustState visit
4.Japan30 August–3 SeptemberState visit
5.United States26–30 SeptemberGeneral debate of the United Nations General Assembly & State Visit
6.Myanmar11–13 NovemberEast Asia Summit
7.Australia14–18 NovemberG20 Summit & State visit
8.Fiji19 NovemberState visit
9.Nepal25–27 NovemberSAARC Summit

Countries visited by Prime Minister Modi in 2015


S.NoCountry visitedDatePurpose
1.Seychelles10–11 MarchState visit
2.Mauritius11–13 MarchState visit
3.Sri Lanka13–14 MarchState visit
4.Singapore23 MarchState funeral of Lee Kuan Yew
5.France9–12 AprilState visit
6.Germany12–14 AprilState visit
7.Canada14–16 AprilState visit
8.China14–16 MayState visit
9.Mongolia16–17 MayState visit
10.South Korea18–19 MayState visit
11.Bangladesh6–7 JuneState visit
12.Uzbekistan6 JulyState visit
13.Kazakhstan7 JulyState visit
14.Russia8–10 JulyBRICS Summit
15.Turkmenistan10–11 JulyState visit
16.Kyrgyzstan12 JulyState visit
17.Tajikistan12–13 JulyState visit
18.United Arab Emirates16–17 AugustState visit
19.Ireland23 SeptemberState visit
20.United States24–30 SeptemberUnited Nations General Assembly and official visit to Silicon valley.
21.United Kingdom12–14 NovemberState visit
22.Turkey15–16 NovemberG-20
23.Malaysia21–22 NovemberASEAN-India Summit & East Asia Summit
24.Singapore23–25 NovemberState visit
25.France30 November–1 December2015 United Nations Climate Change Conference COP21
26.Russia23–24 DecemberState visit
27.Afghanistan25 DecemberState visit
28.Pakistan25 DecemberWorking visit

Countries visited by Prime Minister Modi in 2016


S.NoCountry visitedDatePurpose
1.Belgium30 MarchFirst India–European Union (EU) Summit & State visit
2.United States31 March–1 AprilNuclear Security Summit
3.Saudi Arabia2–3 AprilState visit
4.Iran22–23 MayState visit
5.Afghanistan4 JuneWorking visit
6.Qatar4–5 JuneState visit
7.Switzerland6 JuneState visit
8.United States6–8 JuneState visit
9.Mexico9 JuneWorking visit
10.Uzbekistan23–24 JuneSCO Summit
11.Mozambique7 JulyState visit
12.South Africa8–9 JulyState visit
13.Tanzania10 JulyState visit
14.Kenya11 JulyState visit
15.Vietnam2–3 SeptemberState visit
16.China4–5 SeptemberG-20 Summit
17.Thailand10 NovemberWorking visit
18.Japan11–12 NovemberState visit



Countries visited by Prime Minister Modi in 2017


S.NoCountry visitedDatePurpose
1.Sri Lanka11–12 MayInternational Day of Vesak
2.Germany29–30 MayState Visit
3.Spain30–31 MayState visit
4.Russia31 May–2 June18th India-Russia Annual Summit
5.France2–3 JuneState visit
6.Kazakhstan8–9 JuneSCO Summit
7.Portugal24 JuneState visit
8.United States25–26 JuneState visit
9.Netherlands27 JuneState Visit
10.Israel4–6 JulyState Visit
11.Germany7–8 JulyG-20 Summit
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