List of Formation Dates of All States

Know the date when your state was formed!

India is divided into 29 states and 7 union territories. All the states have their history about their formation. It is suggested to know about their formation but at least it is required from students to at least remember their formation dates as this question has been asked many a times in many exams which have a GK section. The list given below provides the date and year on which these states were formed /established.

StateFormation dateYear
Andhra Pradesh1 October1953
Telangana02 June2014
Arunachal Pradesh20,February1987
Himachal Pradesh25 January1971
Jharkhand15 November2000
Karnataka01 November1956
Kerala01 November1956
Maharashtra01 May1960
Manipur21 January1972
Meghalaya21 January1972
Mizoram20 February1987
Nagaland1 December1963
Odisha01 April1936
Punjab01 November1966
Rajasthan01 November1956
Sikkim16 May1975
Tamilnadu26 January1950
Jammu and Kashmir26 October1947
Tripura21 January1972
Uttar Pradesh26 January1950
Uttarakhand9 November2000
Madhya Pradesh1 November1956
West Bengal01 November1956

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