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List of news agencies in different countries

Do you know the news agents of your country ?

A news agency is an organization of journalists established to supply news reports to news organizations: newspapers, magazines, and radio and television broadcasters. Such an agency may also be referred to as a wire service, newswire or news service.News agencies were created with a single aim to enrich the newspapers with a wide variety of news events happening around the world. Initially the agencies were meant to provide the news items only to the newspapers but with the passage of time, the rapidly developing modern mediums such as the radio, television and Internet too adapted the services of news agencies. Thus we are providing you with a list of news agencies of different countries so that you can have a quick revision for your exams!

List of News Agencies of Different Countries

Australian United PressMelbourneAustralia
Xinhua News AgencyBeijingChina
Agents France Presse (AFP)ParisFrance
Deutsche Presse AgenturHamburgGermany
United News of IndiaNew DelhiIndia
Press Trust of IndiaMumbaiIndia
Islamic Republic News AgencyTehranIran
Mehr News AgencyTehranIran
Inter Press ServiceRomeItaly
Inter Press ServiceRomeItaly
Associated Press of PakistanIslamabadPakistan
Pakistan Press InternationalKarachiPakistan
Al JazeeraDohaQatar
ITAR TASSRussian EmpireRussia
RIA NovostiMoscowRussia
Saudi Press AgencyRiyadhSaudi Arabia
Pan African News AgencyDakarSenegal
United Press InternationalNew YorkU.S.A
Associated PressNew YorkUS..A
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