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List of Space Centers in India

India’s experience in rocketry began in ancient times when fireworks were first used in the country, a technology invented in neighboring China, and which had an extensive two-way exchange of ideas and goods with India, connected by the Silk Road. Military use of rockets by Tipu Sultan during the Mysore War against the British inspired William Congreve to invent the Congreve rocket, predecessor of modern artillery rockets, in 1804. After India gained independence from British occupation in 1947, Indian scientists and politicians recognized the potential technology in both defense applications, and for research and development. Recognizing that a country as demographically large as India would require its own independent space capabilities, and recognizing the early potential of satellites in the fields of remote sensing and communication, these visionaries set about establishing a space research organization. And if look today there are many space research centers in India which are working on paramount projects, so let’s look at them:

Following is the List of space centers in India:

LocationSpace Centre
New DelhiDOS branch secretariat
ISRO branch office
Delhi earth station
DehradunIndian Institute of remote sensing
Northern RRSC-Regional Remote Sensing Centre
LucknowISTRAC ground station
ShillongNorth eastern space application centre
KharagpurEastern RRSC-Regional Remote Sensing Centre
HyderabadNRSA or NRSC – national remote sensing agency /centre
TirupatiNMRF-National Atmospheric Research Laboratory
SriharikotaSatish Dhawan Space Centre
Port BlairDown range station
KeralaALUVA – Ammonium perchlorate experiment plant
Mahendra GiriLiquid Propulsion Test Facilities
ThiruvananthapuramVikram Sarabhai Space Centre
Liquid Propulsion Systems Centre
ISRO Interial Systems Unit
HassanINSAT master control facility
BangaloreSpace commission
INSAT programme office
NNRMS secretariat- National Natural Resources Management System
ANTRIX corporation
ISTRAC-ISRO Telemetry Tracking and Command Network
ISRO satellite centre
Liquid propulsion systems centre
MumbaiISRO Liaison office
NagpurCentral RRSC-Regional Remote Sensing Centre
Mount AbuInfrared Observatory
AhmedabadSpace Application Centre
Physical Research Laboratory
Development & educational communication unit
JodhpurWestern RRSC-Regional Remote Sensing Centre
UdaipurSolar Observatory
BalasoreRemote Sensing Centre
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