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List of United Nations International Years is an important static GK topic for MBA, Bank PO and other competitive exams. You can expect at least 1 to 2 questions from United Nations International Years in any competitive exams.

Since 1959 the UN has designated International Years in order to draw attention to major issues and to encourage international action to address concerns which have global importance and ramifications.


S.NoYearDesignated by UN as
Important2020The United Nations (UN) is declaring 2020 the ‘International Year of Plant Health.’ Capping off the ‘Decade on Biodiversity,’ the UN continues to recognize and promote healthy ecosystems as key to sustainable development.
12019International Year of Indigenous Languages
22018Contrary to common practice, the United Nations has not declared 2018 as International Year for any specific topic.
32017International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development
42016International Year of Pulses
52015International Year of Light and Light-based Technologies
62015International Year of Soils
72014International Year of Solidarity with the Palestinian People
82014International Year of Small Island Developing States
92014International Year of Family Farming
102014International Year of Crystallography
112013International Year of Water Cooperation
122013International Year of Quinoa
132012International Year of Cooperatives
142012International Year of Sustainable Energy for All
152011International Year for People of African Descent
162011International Year of Chemistry
172011International Year of Forests
182011International Year of Youth
192010International Year of the Seafarer
202010International Year of Biodiversity
212010International Year for the Rapprochement of Cultures
222009International Year of Reconciliation
232009International Year of Natural Fibres
242009International Year of Human Rights Learning
252009International Year of Astronomy
262009Year of the Gorilla
272008International Year of Planet Earth
282008International Year of Languages
292008International Year of Sanitation
302008International Year of the Potato
312007International Polar Year


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