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Litany in Context:
Litanies are pretty common. Need to see one?
Be on the lookout for a girlfriend going after her boyfriend. What ensues in the conversation is a long list of complaints that just does not seem to end. It goes on and on, it is a recital of sorts. That is what a litany is: a tiring recital.

In the current context, Mr. Fai refers to the lost process of bilateral talks between India and Pakistan as a litany, a long and tedious process that has bore no fruit.

Dictionary definition for Litany:
1. A prayer consisting of a series of invocations by the priest with responses from the congregation.
2. Any long and tedious address or recital.

Other Words to learn from this section:
Steadfastly: With resolute determination.
Tripartite: Involving three parties or elements.

The following is an extract from The Hindustan Times used for educational purposes:  ‘Fai discounted the US hopes that the Kashmir dispute could be settled through bilateral peaceful talks between India and Pakistan. “There has been a litany of failed bilateral efforts. The people of Kashmir have steadfastly maintained that tripartite talks are the only way to resolve the Kashmir issue. The people of Kashmir are committed to finding a just and lasting peace to the disputed territory of Kashmir through negotiations between Governments of India & Pakistan and the accredited leadership of J-K,” said Fai.’

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