Logical Reasoning Set-5 (Level-3)

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Logical reasoning for IIFT: In-depth analysis of logical reasoning for IIFT Exam

Logical reasoning for IIFT exam holds 20% weightage in short listing [This section has 20 questions usually but the pattern changes every year]. Therefore, a great performance in this section will help you raise your overall score. Though the body does not release any official syllabus for the exam, you can get insights into the syllabus by going through past year IIFT papers. Besides practicing sets provided here, it is very important to solve past year papers in order to excel in the section of logical reasoning for IIFT exam.

Directions for the question set:
Answer the questions on the basis of the information given below.
Prof. Biswas has been tracking the number of visitors to his homepage. His service provider has provided him with the following data on the country of origin of the visitors and the museum they belong to:

Question 1: Museum 1 can belong to
(a) Australia
(b) Poland
(c) Pakistan
(d) Germany

Question 2: To which country does Museum 5 belong?
(a) China or Pakistan but not Australia
(b) China or Australia but not Pakistan
(c) China or Australia but not Germany
(d) Pakistan or Australia but not China

Question 3: Visitors from how many museums from Germany visited Prof. Biswas’s homepage in the three days?
(a) 1
(b) 2
(c) 3
(d) 4

Question 4: Which among the listed countries can possibly host three of the eight listed museum?
(a) None
(b) Both China and Germany
(c) Only Germany
(d) Only China

Answers and Explanations: Click the down arrow to expand

Common solution for the set: Looking at the data, on day 3 there were “2 visitors” from Germany and “1 visitor” from Australia. Also, on day 3, 2 visitors were from Museum 4. Museum 4 is located in Germany. Similarly, Museum 6 is in Australia. Likewise, on Day 2 there were (i) 2 visitors from museum 8 (ii) 2 visitors from China From (i) and (ii), Museum 8 is located in China Also on Day 2 (iii) 1 visitor was from Museum 3 (iv) 1 visitor was from Pakistan From (iii) and (iv) Museum 3 is located in Pakistan.

The total number of visitors from Australia on day 1 is 1 and on day 3 is also (1) From the above, we have observed that Museum 6 belongs to Australia. The number of visitors from Museum 6 on day 1 is also 1. No other museum belongs to Australia. The total number of visitors from Germany on day 1 is (2) We have already observed that Museum 4 belongs to Germany. But from Museum 4, the number of visitors on day 1 is 0, which means that from among Museum 2 and Museum 7, one belongs to Germany and the other belongs to Poland (which has 2 visitors on day 1). The total number of visitors from China on day 1 is 1. Between Museum 1 and Museum 5, one belongs to China and the other should belong to Pakistan which also has only 1 visitor on day (1). From the above explanation, we deduce the following table. Hence,

Answers 1: (c) From the table above, museum 1 can belong to Pakistan. The correct option is (c).

Answers 2: (a) From the table above, museum 5 will belong to either China/Pakistan The correct option is (a).

Answers 3: (b) The museums that belong to Germany are (1) Museum 4 (2) One of Museum 2 and Museum 7. ∴ Number of museum from Germany is 2. The correct option is (b).

Answers 4: (a) From the above table, it is clear that none of the countries has hosted three museums. The correct option is (a).

Extra tips for logical reasoning for IIFT:
• Build an approach during the stage when you appear for practice exams, and use that definitive strategy to excel in logical reasoning for IIFT exam.
• While solving puzzles, it often happens that there are multiple possibilities in the initial steps. Make sure you account for those and do not miss considering any case.
• Solve the easy level, shorter questions earlier and search for them throughout the section. Return back to solving lengthier sets when you have time in hand.

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