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logical reasoning for rrb: How to crack logical reasoning for rrb exam

To crack the section of logical reasoning for rrb exam, you need to practice the style of questions that are usually asked in this exam. Firstly, get to know the syllabus and exam pattern, after which solve questions on your own using practice exercises and go through solved examples for good concept understanding. To help you begin you preparation with, we will discuss the the key areas that are tested in the section of logical reasoning for rrb exam. These are analogy, classification, series, coding-decoding, blood relation, direction sense test, logical Venn diagrams, sitting arrangements, mathematical operations, arithmetic reasoning, inserting missing character, puzzle test, syllogism and number-ranking-time sequence test. Touch upon every chapter in detail and gain expertise by getting thorough with concepts.

Directions for the question set:

Five girls – Sulekha, Reeta, Netu, Meena and Vrisha have total five tickets of movie theaters – Panna Theatre, Chachi Hall, Munna Theatre, PVR , Shyam Palace where movies- Gurugram, Kabootar, Hero No1, Salaam Thoko and Inkaar are currently playing. Each girl has one movie ticket of one of the five theaters.

Following information is also known to us regarding the above given description.

i. Movie Gurugram is running in Panna theater whose ticket is not with Vrisha and Sulekha.
ii. Meena has a ticket for Inkaar movie.
iii. Netu has a ticket for the Munna theater. Vrisha has the ticket of Shyam theatre where Kabootar is not running.
iv. In PVR theater, Salaam Thoko is running.

Answer the following on the basis of above information-

Question 1: Which is the correct combination of the Theater -Girl – Movie?
(a). Munna – Netu – Hero No-1
(b). Panna – Meena- Gurugram
(c). Shyam – Vrisha – Inkaar
(d). PVR – Sulekha – Salaam Thoko

Question 2: Which movie is running in ChaChi Hall?
(a). Gurugram
(b). Inkaar
(c). Hero No1
(d). Data inadequate

Question 3: Who is having the ticket of the movie Hero No1?
(a). Reeta
(b). Vrisha
(c). Sulekha
(d). Meena

Answers and Explanations: Click the down arrow to expand

Common solution for the set: First place the two combinations of theatre and movie which is directly given to us- From (ii) and (V), Salam Thoko in PVR and Gurugram in Panna. Now place Meena along with Inkaar movie and then Vrisha with Shyam theatre and Netu with Munna theatre. Now for Vrisha with Shyam theatre, only Kabootar and Hero No 1 movies are left and from (iv), Shyam theatre will have Hero No1. From (ii), only left Reena will be watching Gurugram in Panna theatre. Only movie left is Kabootar in Munna theatre and similarly Chachi Hall is left in theatres column. Following table can be prepared according to the statements mentioned in the question:

Answer 1: (d) Referring the above table, the correct combination is: PVR – Sulekha – Salaam Thoko The correct option is (d).

Answer 2: (b) Inkaar is running in ChaChi Hall. The correct option is (b).

Answer 3: (b) Vrisha has ticket for the movie Hero No. 1 The correct option is (b).

Extra tips for logical reasoning for rrb:
• Build a strategy or an approach during the mock taking stage of logical reasoning for rrb logical reasoning for rrb exam and adopt this strategy in the main exam.
• Do not consider any chapter unimportant and get well-versed with the entire syllabus to maintain a good speed in the exam.
• Solve past year questions from the section of logical reasoning for rrb exam to broadly cover all possible concepts of every topic.

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