Directions for Questions 1 to 4: There are six friends (Atish, Bhavna, Chetan, Dimple, Elena, Flora) seated in a row with numbered seats from 1 to 6. They follow the following sitting arrangement:
1. There are two places between Chetan and Dimple
2. There is one place between Atish and Chetan
3. There is one person between Flora and Elena
4. Elena is to be seated before Flora
5. Bhavna is to be seated before Atish, not necessarily immediately
6. The row does not start with Bhavna

Question 1: The row would start with:
(a) Atish
(b) Flora
(c) Dimple
(d) Cannot be determined

Question 2: Elena will be seated on which seat number?
(a) 1
(b) 2
(c) 3
(d) Cannot be determined

Question 3: Who is seated at place number 6?
(a) Atish
(b) Flora
(c) Dimple
(d) Cannot be determined

Question 4: Bhavna’s position is
(a) 6
(b) 5
(c) 3
(d) 2

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Solutions for Questions 1 to 4: Analysis for the set

Let us try to figure out a few logical relationships and derive a seating arrangement.

Bhawna cannot be seated at 1 (given in the question). Since Atish has to be seated before Bhawna, he cannot occupy seat 1 as well.

Now let us assume Chetan takes seat 1. If that happens, Atish takes seat 3. If he takes seat 3, Bhawna takes 2. Now since Chetan takes 1, Dimple has to take 4. But this cannot happen as there has to be a gap of 1 between Elena and Flora. So this is ruled.

Now let us assume that Elena starts the sequence. If Elena starts the sequence, Flora takes third position. Now the problem is that if we fit in Chetan, Dimple and Atish, Bhawna cannot fit the sequence. When we fit in Bhawna, Chetan and Dimple cannot be adjusted. This rules out this combination also. So by elimination we know who comes first: Dimple. If Dimple is seated first, Chetan is seated on 4. If Chetan is seated on 4, Atish is seated on 6. Now Elena and Flora can occupy only positions 3 and 5. This means Bhawna takes position 2.

Here is the sitting arrangement of six friends

Answer 1: (c)

We can see from the table that the row would start form Dimple.

Answer 2 : (c)

We can see from the table that the position of Elena is seat number 3.

Answer 3 : (a)

We can see from the table that Atish is seated at position 6.

Answer 4 : (d)

We can see from the table that Bhawna is in second position.

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