Directions for Questions 1 to 3: Four friends live in the same street and their houses are colored differently (green, indigo, white and black). Two houses are built to the left of the street and two houses are built to the right of the street and these houses are numbered as shown in the figure:

• Each friend has a different type of a vehicle: bike, scooter, cycle and a car.
• The one who has a bike, his house was the one with the higher number on the right side in comparison with the one who has a scooter on the right side of the street.
• Eshwar Chand’s house is white in color.
• The house with the higher number on the right hand side of the street is black in color.
• Rithu Ram has the indigo colored house.
• Eshvar Chand has a Scooter.
• Aatma Ram’s house was numbered 1.
• The one who has the cycle has the indigo colored house.

Use the information above to solve the questions that follow.

Question 1: The Black colored house belongs to:
(a) Aatma Ram
(b) Rithu Ram
(c) Sita Ram
(d) None of these

Question 2: The color of Aatma Ram’s house was:
(a) Black
(b) Green
(c) Indigo
(d) White

Question 3: The house that is diagonally opposite to Rithu Ram’s house belongs to
(a) Aatma Ram
(b) Sita Ram
(c) Eshwar Chand
(d) None of these

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Solutions for Questions 1 to 3: Analysis for the set

We can infer the following relationships from the data given:

  1. The bike (4) and scooter (3) are placed on the right side and this means that the car and the cycle fall on the other side.
  2. House number 4 has to be black in color.
  3. Eshwar Chand has a Scooter, thus house number 3 is his and his house is white.
  4. Rithu Ram has house number 2 and his house is indigo colored, and he has a cycle.
  5. Aatma Ram’s house is number 1, and this also means he has the car.
  6. This means Sita Ram’s house is house number 4, his house color is black and he has a bike.
  7. From this, we can say Aatma Ram’s house is green in color.


Thus, we have the following representation:

Answer 1: (c)

The black Colored house belongs to Sita Ram

Answer 2 : (b)

Aatma Ram’s house was Green in color

Answer 3 : (c)

Eshwar Chand’s house is diagonally opposite to Rithu Ram’s house.

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