Directions for Questions 1 to 5: Bharat, Mahesh, Tarun, Rakhi, Kailash, Hans, Dev are seven people from different professions and they are travelling to Pune from either through a plane or a train or a bus. Each of them has a different profession, that of dancer, cook, artist, fashion designer, sweeper, peon and poet.

• Two of seven are using the plane, three are using the train and the rest are using the bus.
• Bharat, the cook, is not in the Bus.
• The artist is the only other person who travels the same way as Bharat.
• Mahesh and Hans are not in the Train and they are the poet and the sweeper respectively.
• Tarun is a Fashion Designer.
• Dev is neither the peon nor the artist.
• Kailash travels the same way as the dancer.

Question 1: Dev’s profession is
(a) Dancer
(b) Cook
(c) Sweeper
(d) Fashion Designer

Question 2: The people who travel through train are:
(a) Dev ,Kailash , Rakhi
(b) Dev , Hans , Tarun
(c) Hans , Kailash, Tarun
(d) Dev ,Kailash , Tarun

Question 3: Which of the following is correct?
(a) Rakhi – plane – Peon
(b) Rakhi –plane – Artist
(c) Dev – Bus – Dancer
(d) Kailash – Bus – Sweeper

Question 4: Which of the following pairs travel using the plane?
(a) Bharat, Dev
(b) Bharat, Kailash
(c) Bharat,Tarun
(d) none

Question 5: Who is the artist?
(a) Dev
(b) Hans
(c) Rakhi
(d) Data inadequate

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Explanation for Questions 1 to 5

We can draw the following table using the information provided to us:

Bharat is not in the bus.

The artist travels the same way as Bharat travels, and only two of them travel this way (means they either use the bus or the plane). Since bus is ruled out, the artist and Bharat travel on Plane.

Now the artist can be Rakhi or Kailash.

But Kailash travels with the Dancer (Dev) and Bharat is not a dancer. Thus, Rakhi travels with Bharat and is the artist. Kailash is the peon.

Since the plane is taken by Bharat and Rakhi, Mahesh and Hans take the bus as they do not take the train. Since they take the bus, and Kailash and Dev have to be together, it means Kailash and Dev are joined by Tarun on the train. Thus, Kailash and Dev take the train.

Answer 1: (a)

The answer can be found from the tables above.

Answer 2 : (d)

Using the tables above, we can find the answer.

Answer 3 : (b)

Using the table above: Rakhi – Aero plane – Artis

Answer 4 : (d)

None of the pairs are correct.

Answer 5 : (c)

The answer can be found from the tables above.

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