Directions for questions 1 to 5: Four people, are from different professions (driver, painter, designer and sweeper), live in the same row of a street and each has a house of a different color (grey, pink, black and green) and a car of a different brand (Maruti, BMW, Mercedes and Mahindra).
They also follow the following conditions:
• The designer lives in a black house
• The Painter has a Maruti.
• The driver’s house is at leftmost corner of the street
• The person living in the house next to right most house has a Mercedes.
• The sweeper has a Mahindra.
• The person living in pink house has a Maruti
• The Green house is situated to right of the Black house.

Question 1: The owner of the Mercedes is
(a) Driver
(b) Designer
(c) Sweeper
(d) None of these

Question 2: The Driver has a
(a) Mercedes
(b) BMW
(c) Maruti
(d) Mahindra

Question 3: The color of Sweeper’s house is
(a) Grey
(b) Green
(c) Pink
(d) Black

Question 4: Which of the following is false?
(a) Mercedes is owned by the owner of Black house
(b) The Painter has the pink color house
(c) The sweeper’s house is in corner of the street
(d) The Painter‘s house is next to Sweeper’s house

Question 5: Which one of the following pairs is correct?
(a) Mercedes, Designer, Pink
(b) BMW, Designer, Black
(c) Maruti, Painter, Grey
(d) Mahindra, Sweeper, Green

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Explanation for questions 1 to 5:

From the above information we can draw a table for this

Position of Houses from left to right

Driver, Painter, Designer, Sweeper

Answer 1: (b)

The owner of the Mercedes is the designer.

Answer 2 : (b)

The driver has a BMW

Answer 3 : (b)

The color of the sweeper’s house is green.

Answer 4 : (d)

From the tables above, we can see that the first three statements are correct, and the fourth statement (option d) is false.

Answer 5 : (d)

We can see from the tables above that option (d) is correct.

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