Directions : Study the following information carefully and answer the following questions  :

There are five men, Anuj, Kunal, Sourav, Rahul and Harish. The one who is tallest is not the youngest. Kunal is older than only Harish. Sourav is older than Rahul but shorter than him. Only one person is taller than Rahul. Anuj is shortest while younger than only Sourav and Rahul. Only two men are shorter than Sourav.

Question1: Which of the following men is third tallest of the five?
(a) Sourav
(b) Rahul
(c) Harish
(d) Kunal
(e) Kunal or Rahul

Question2: Who among the following men is tallest?
(a) Sourav
(b) Rahul
(c) Kunal
(d) Harish
(e) Sourav or Harish

Question 3: If the five men are made to stand in a line according to the height, first in ascending order, then in descending order, then whose position will remain the same in both the arrangements?
(a) Harish
(b) Rahul
(c) Kunal
(d) Sourav
(e) Rahul and Anuj

Question 4: Who among the following is older than Kunal but younger than Rahul?
(a) Harish
(b) Sourav
(c) Anuj
(d) Data inadequate
(e) Sourav or Anuj

Question 5: Who among the following is taller than Anuj only?
(a) Sourav
(b) Harish
(c) Rahul
(d) Kunal
(e) Kunal or Harish

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Common Solution:

Higher rank -> taller the person

Age -> older the person

From the given information, we can make the following table

Bank PO , SSC, CDS, Logical Reasoning Set - 8Answer 1: (a)

The third tallest is Sourav. Thus, the correct option is (a)

Answer 2: (c) Kunal is the tallest. So, correct option is (c)

Answer 3: (d) Sourav’s position will remain unaltered. Correct option is (d)

Answer 4: (c) Anuj is older than Kunal but younger than Rahul. Correct option is (c)

Answer 5: (b) Harish is taller than Anuj. Correct option s (b)

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