Direction for the questions: (1- 3:) Study the following information carefully and answer the questions.
Four houses Blue, Green, Red, and Yellow are located in a row in the given order. Each of the houses is occupied by a person earning a fixed and distinct amount of a salary. The four persons are P, K, L, and S. Only the following clues are available to get to exact house color and salary figure of each person.
Read the following clues carefully:
I. P lives between S and K
II L does not stay in Blue house
III. The person living in Red house earns more than that of person living in Blue
IV. Salary of S is more than that of P but lesser than that of K
V. One of the person earns Rs.80,000
VI. The person earning Rs. 1,10,000 is not L
VII. The salary difference between L and S is Rs. 30,000
VIII. The house in which ‘K’ lives is located between houses with persons earning salaries of Rs. 30,000 and Rs.50,000
IX. K does not live in Yellow house, and the person living in yellow house is not earning lowest salary among the four persons.

Question 1 :  Who lives in Red house?
(a). Paul
(b). Krishna
(c). Laxman
(d). Som

Question 2 :  Which house is occupied by person earning highest salary?
(a). Blue
(b). Green
(c). Red
(d). Yellow

Question 3 :  What is the salary earned by person living in Green house?
(a). Rs. 30,000
(b). Rs. 50,000
(c). Rs. 80,000
(d). Rs. 110,000

Answers and Explanations

For question 1 to 3 :

Following is the table relating the persons with their corresponding salary and colour of their houses.

Answer 1 : (b)

Evident from table that K lives in Red house

Answer 2 : (c)

Evident from table that this house is Red

Answer 3 : (a)

Evident from table that salary of  P is Rs .30000

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