Direction for the questions: (1- 4:) Read the text and the statements carefully and answer the questions.
Four people who are expertin different languages live on the same side of a street in four houses each of different colour. Each person also has a different favourite drink. The following additional information is also known
A. The expert in English lives in the red house.
B. The expert in French drinks greentea.
C. The expert in Hindi lives in the first house on the left.
D. In the second house from the right they drink milk.
E. The Hindi expert lives adjacent to the blue house.
F. The Spanish expert drinks juice.
G. Greentea is drunk in the blue house.
H. The white house is to the right of the red house.
I. Coca-Cola is drunk in the yellow house.

Question 1 :  Milk is drunk by :
(a) Hindi expert
(b) Englishman
(c) French expert
(d) None of them

Question 2 : The Hindi expert drinks :
(a) milk
(b) coca-cola
(c) green tea
(d) fruit juice

Question 3 :  The colour of the Hindi expert’s house is :
(a) yellow
(b) white
(c) blue
(d) red

Question 4 :  Which of the following is not true ?
(a) Milk is drunk in the red house
(b) French expert lives in the blue house
(c) The Spanish expert lives in a corner house
(d) The French expert lives next to the Spanish expert

Answers and Explanations

(1-4): Information given in the question can be classified and presented in the table as below:

Answer 1 : (b)

From the table, it is evident that Milk is drunk by Englishman

Answer 2 : (b)

Table reveals that Hindi expert drinks coca-cola.

Answer 3 : (a)

The colour of Hindi expert’s house is yellow.

Answer 4 : (d)

Clearly option (d) gives the wrong information since French expert does not live next to Spanish expert.

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