Direction for the questions: (1- 4:)  Six people in a seminar share their life experiences with students. Their professions are different from each other. Among them, we have one Teacher, Surgeon, Doctor, Scientist in Nanotechnology, Postman and Brahman. Their names are Rahul, Kurtis, Sanni, Ritraj, Kuldeep and Aarti.

The following conditions apply:
1. Two of them stay in a Hub, two are paying guest and the remaining two stay at a Hotel.
2. Sanni does not stay as a paying guest and he is professional Doctor.
3. The Postman and Surgeon do not stay as paying guest.
4. Kuldeep is a Brahman and Ritraj is a Scientist in Nanotechnology.
5. Aarti and Ritraj stay in a Hub.
6. Kuldeep stays as a paying guest and Kurtis stays in a hotel

Question 1: Kurtis is a
(a) Surgeon
(b) Postman
(c) Surgeon/ Postman
(d) None

Question 2: The two people staying at the hotel are:
(a) Rahul ,Kurtis
(b) Kurtis, Sanni
(c) Sanni, Ritraj
(d) Ritraj ,Kuldeep\

Question 3: Who is the Teacher?
(a) Ritraj
(b) Kuldeep
(c) Aarti
(d) None

Question 4: Which of the following pair is such that one member stays in a Hub and the other in hotel?
(a) Aarti ,Ritraj
(b) Ritraj ,Sanni
(c) Kurtis ,Sanni
(d) None of these

Answers and Explanations

Explanation for questions 1 to 4:

We draw the following tables to solve the question:

Using the preliminary information, we have the following table with respect to their stay location.

Using information given in the question, we know: The Postman and Surgeon do not stay as paying guest. That means Rahul and Kuldeep cannot be the Postman and the Surgeon. Thus, we can build table two now.

Now Rahul can only be the Teacher and we cannot determine the accurate profession of Kurtis or Aarti.

Answer 1 : (c)

Kurtis can be the Postman/Surgeon.

Answer 2 : (b)

From table 1, we know that Kurtis and Sanni are staying at the hotel.

Answer 3 : (d)

From Table 3, we know that Rahul is the Teacher.

Answer 4 : (b)

From table 1, we can derive the answer as option (b)

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