Direction for the questions: (1- 5:)  Read the following information carefully and answer the given questions:

A,B,C,D,E,F,G and H are eight persons of a family. There are three married couples in the family. All the persons are from three generations. No female is unmarried in the family.

A and B are children of D while G and H are children of E and C respectively. F is the wife of D. C is one of the females and she is not the wife of A (A is a male). Among them there are three Doctors, two Teachers, two Journalists and one astronaut. Each person has only one occupation.

All the persons of the family are sitting around a circular table facing the centre. They sit in such a manner that only the grandson of D is between C and A, while only E is between B and F. Only one person is between C and B, but it is not H. G, who is not next to B, is not sitting opposite D, while B is not sitting opposite a female. One of the sons of D is on the immediate left of D. The persons who are next to E are neither Teacher nor Doctor and one of the teachers is sitting opposite to Astronaut. The persons who are on the immediate left of G and immediate right of B are not Doctors while H is an Astronaut.

Question 1: The only male who is sitting opposite to a female is a/an?
(a) Teacher
(b) Doctor
(c) Journalist
(d) Astronaut

Question 2: The two females who are sitting adjacent to each other are?
(a) C and E
(b) C and A
(c) E and F
(d) Can’t say.

Question 3: The only person who is sitting between C and B is a/an?
(a) Teacher
(b) Doctor
(c) Journalist
(d) Astronaut

Question 4: Which of the following statement is true regarding the person who is between G’s father and H’s grandmother?
(a) She is sitting opposite a Doctor.
(b) She is a Teacher.
(c) He is sitting one place away from a Teacher.
(d) He is the son of a Journalist.

Question 5: Who among the following is/are definitely not a Doctor?
(a) Son of D.
(b) Mother of G.
(c) One of the grandsons of Fwho is B’s son.
(d) Data Inadequate.

Answers and Explanations

Explanation for Questions 1 to 5:

Indicates Female Members, + indicates Male Members

= indicates husband & wife


D = Head of the family = Teacher                                     E = A’s wife = Doctor

F = D’s wife = Journalist                                                   G= A & E’s son = Doctor

A= D & F’s son = Doctor                                                  C = B’s wife = Teacher

B= D & F’s son = Journalist                                            H = C & B’s son = Astronaut

The seating arrangement is as follows:

Answer 1 : (b)

The only male sitting opposite a female is a Doctor. Some crucial conclusions which can be made from the hints given are- Since D & G are not to be opposite to each other, hence G has to be between C & A so as not to be facing D; Now as H cannot be between B & C, therefore H should be between A & F. Also since from the given clues it can be concluded that C, D, H, B, F can’t be doctors, hence the remaining three need to be doctor. Now since B & E are not teachers, hence C has to be a teacher since there are total two doctors.

Answer 2 : (c)

The two females who are sitting adjacent to each other are E and F.

Answer 3 : (a)

The only person who is sitting between C & B is a Teacher.

Answer 4 : (d)

The person who is between G’s father i.e. A and H’s grandmother i.e. F is H. so the true statement is that he is the son of an Journalist (B).

Answer 5 : (c)

One of the grandsons of F who is B’s son i.e. H is an astronaut, hence is the answer.

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