Directions for questions no. (1-3): Four married couples competed in a singing competition. Each couple had a unique team name. Points scored by the teams were 2, 4, 6 and 8. The “Suhani couple” won 2 points. The “Hadippa Singers” won two more points than Ram’s team. Munna’s team won four points more than Lavina’s team, but Lavina’s team didn’t score the least amount of points. “Just Singing” won 6 points. Wadia wasn’t on the team called “Old singers”. Sanjay’s team won 4 points. Simran wasn’t on the “Hadippa Singers” team. Tarun and Soniya were on the same team, but it wasn’t the “Suhani couple”.

Question 1: Ram’s teammate and team’s name were:
A. Simran and Suhani couple
B. Simran and Just Singing
C. Wadia and Hadippa Singers
D. Lavina and Just Singing
E. Wadia and Suhani couple

Question 2: The teams arranged in the ascending order of points are:
A. Hadippa Singers, Just Singing, Old singers, Suhani couple
B. Suhani couple, Old singers, Just Singing, Hadippa Singers
C. Old singers, Suhani couple, Hadippa Singers, Just Singing
D. Suhani couple, Hadippa Singers, Just Singing, Old singers
E. Just Singing, Hadippa Singers, Suhani couple, Old singers

Question 3: The combination which has the couples rightly paired is:
A. Munna, Lavina
B. Munna, Wadia
C. Sanjay, Simran
D. Sanjay, Lavina
E. Sanjay, Wadia

Answers and Explanations

Solution: For questions 1 to 3: It is given that Munna’s score = 4 + Lavina’s score. Since Lavina’s team didn’t score the least number of points, the points of Munna’s team and Lavina’s team will be 8 and 4 respectively. Since Munna will be in the group with a score of 8 and Sanjay and Lavina in the group with a score of 4, Tarun and Soniya will necessarily be in ‘Just Singing’. Now since Hadippa team had a score of 2 more than that team in which Ram is there so the score of ‘Hadippa Singers’ will be 4 and Ram will be in ‘Suhani couple’. Therefore, Sanjay and Lavina will he in ‘Hadippa Singers’. Wadia is in ‘Suhani couple’ as she is not in ‘Old singers’. Based on the inferences, the following table can be formed:

Answer 1: (E)

Answer 2: (D)

Answer 3: (D)

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