Directions for questions no. (1-3): Seven bands were scheduled to perform during the weeklong music festival at XLRI. The festival began on a Monday evening and ended on the Sunday evening. Each day only one band performed. Each band performed only once. The organizing committee had the task of scheduling the performances of the seven bands – Catlis, Axiom, Enima, Ballon, Fill, Dhinchak and Bodhiratna . The festival schedule followed the following conditions: the performance of Bodhiratna, the home band of XLRI, did not precede the performance of any other band. Among the visiting bands three were Roz bands and the other three were Farzi bands. All three bands of the same genre were not allowed to perform consecutively, Ballon, which was a Roz band, refused to perform immediately before or after Fill. Mirza, who was a lead vocalist with a Roz band, refused to perform after Angelina. Angelina was the only female lead vocalist in the music fest. Bonny was with the band Enima. Angelina refused to perform after Thursday citing personal reasons. Ali, who was the lead vocalist of a Roz band, was not with the band Dhinchak, and did not perform on Saturday. Siddharth, the lead vocalist of the Roz band Catlis, could perform only on Monday. Rahul, the lead vocalist of one of the Farzi bands, was with Fill and performed on Wednesday. None of the bands performed in absence of their lead vocalist.

Question 1: All of the following statements can be true except:
A. If Mirza was the lead vocalist of Axiom then Ali was the lead vocalist of Ballon.
B. If Mirza was the lead vocalist of Dhinchak then Bonny was the lead vocalist of Enima.
C. If Angelina was the lead vocalist of Dhinchak then Mirza was the lead vocalist of Axiom.
D. If Ali was the lead vocalist of Ballon then Mirza was the lead vocalist of Dhinchak.
E. If Bonny was the lead vocalist of Enima then Mirza was the lead vocalist of Ballon.

Question 2: Which of the following must be true?
A. Ali performed on Saturday and Enima performed on Thursday.
B. Dhinchak performed on Thursday and Angelina performed on Tuesday.
C. Ballon performed on Friday and Mirza performed on Tuesday.
D. Ali performed on Friday and Enima performed on Tuesday.
E. Bonny performed on Saturday and Catlis performed on Thursday.

Question 3: Which of the following is a plausible performance sequence?
A. Catlis, Enima, Fill, Dhinchak, Ballon, Axiom
B. Catlis, Dhinchak, Fill, Ballon, Enima, Axiom
C. Catlis, Axiom, Fill, Ballon, Enima, Dhinchak
D. Catlis, Axiom, Fill, Dhinchak, Ballon, Enima
E. Catlis, Ballon, Fill, Axiom, Enima, Dhinchak

Answers and Explanations

Solution: For questions 1 to 3: Steps:

  • Bodhiratna the home band performed on Sunday.
  • Siddharth performed on Monday who is lead vocalist of a Roz band Catlis.
  • Rahul from a Farzi band Fill performed on Wednesday.
  • Angelina could not perform after Thursday which leaves Tuesday or Thursday for her. Since Mirza of Roz band performed before Angelina, she performed on Tuesday and Angelina on Thursday.
  • Fill performed on Wednesday and since Ballon did not perform immediately before or after Fill, it performed on Friday.
  • Ali of Roz band did not perform on Saturday which means he performed on Friday.
  • Since Ali, Siddharth and Mirza are of Roz band hence Rahul, Angelina and Bonny belong to Farzi band.
  • Bonny of Farzi band Enima performed on Saturday.

As per the information given in the question, the following cases are possible:

                                              CASE I

                                         CASE II

Answer 1: (E)

Answer 2: (C)

Answer 3: (D)

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