Directions for questions 1 to 5: Read the following information and choose the right alternative in the questions that follow.
During the cultural week of an institute six competitions were conducted. The cultural week was inaugurated in the morning of 19th November, Wednesday and continued till 26th November. In the span of 8 days six competitions namely Dashing, Flank, Flash, Strong, Roze and
Grand, were organized along with various other cultural programs. The information available from the institute is:
i. Only one competition was held in a day
ii. Roze competition was not conducted on the closing day.
iii. Flash was conducted on the day prior to Dashingcompetition.
iv. Grand competition was conducted neither onWednesday nor on Saturday
v. None of the competition was conducted onThursday and Sunday
vi. Strong competition was held on Monday
vii. There was gap of two days between Dashing competition and Grand competition

Question 1 :  .Flash competition follows which competition?
A. Dashing competition
B. Strong competition
C. Roze competition
D. None of these

Question 2 : The cultural week started with which competition?
A. Flash competition
B. Dashing competition
C. Strong competition
D. Roze competition

Question 3 : How many days gap is there between Roze competition and Grand competition?
A. Two
B. Three
C. Four
D. Five

Question 4 :  Which pair of competition was conducted on Wednesday?
A. Roze competition and Dashing competition
B. Dashing competition and Flash competition
C. Roze competition and Flank competition
D. None of these

Question 5 :  Which competition exactly precedes the Strong competition?
A. Roze competition
B. Grand competition
C. Dashing competition
D. Flash competition

Answers and Explanations

For questions 1 to 5: The competitions will be held as follows.

Answer 1 : (C)

Flash follows Roze competition.

Answer 2 : (D)

The cultural week started with Roze competition.

Answer 3 : (D)

Roze competition was held on 19th November where as the Grand competition was held on 25th November. Therefore, there is a gap of 5 days between the two competitions.

Answer 4 : (C)

Both Roze competition and Flank competition were held on a Wednesday. While Roze competition was held on 19th November, the Flank competition was held exactly after one week on 26th November.

Answer 5 : (C)

Strong was preceded by the Dashing competition.

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