Directions for questions 1 to 5:
In a game, “words” (meaningful or meaningless) consist of any combination of at least five letters of the English alphabets. A “sentence” consists of exactly six words and satisfies the following conditions:
The six words are written from left to right on a single line in alphabetical order.The sentence can start with any word, and successive word is formed by applying exactly one of three operations to the preceding world: delete one letter; add a letter; replace a one letter with another. At the most three of the six words can begin with the same letter.
Except for the first word each word is formed by a different operation used for the preceding word.

Question 1 : If the first word in a sentence is “illicit” and the fourth word is “licit”, then the third word can be
(a). Explicit
(b). Implicit
(c). Inlist
(d). Enlist
(e). Elicit

Question 2 : The most last possible letter of the English alphabet that the first word of a sentence in the word game can begin with is
(a). t
(b). w
(c). x
(d). y
(e). z

Question 3 : Which one of the following could be a sentence in the word game?
(a). Bzaeakblaeaklaeakpaeakpaea paean
(b). Doteamgoleamgoleanoleanomeanomman
(c). Crobekcroeekroeeksoeeksxoeekxoee
(d). Forodforolforolsforplsorplsmorpls
(e). Feted fretedretedseted seteaseteg

Question 4 : If the first word in a sentence consists of five letters, then the maximum number of letters that the fifth word in the sentence could contain is
(a). Four
(b). Five
(c). Six
(d). Seven
(e). Eight

Question 5 : If “clean” is the first word in a sentence and “learn” is another word in the sentence, then which one of the following is a complete and accurate list of the positions “learn” could occupy?
(a). Second, third, fourth
(b). Third
(c). Third, fourth, fifth, sixth
(d). Third, fourth, fifth
(e). Third, fourth

Answers and Explanations

Answer 1 : (e)

Considering only one operation to have happened the third word can be Elicit.

Answer 2 : (d)

Such a letter will be Y as three words can start with Y and the next three can start with Z. So option (D) is correct.

Answer 3 : (c)

Option (A), (D) and (E) are eliminated as all the words are not in alphabetical order.

(B) is out because in order to get the second word 2 operations have been performed at the same time. Hence, option (C) is correct.

Answer 4 : (d)

Except first word each word is formed by different rule as used for preceding word.  Using this if we add one letter to the first word , but after that we can only perform deletion or replacement. In order to maximize the letter count, we should only replace and not delete any letter. So the second and third words would have 6 letters, following which fourth and fifth words would have  7 letters.

Hence, among four words after first word addition of letter can happen for maximum of two times. Therefore, fifth word of sentence can have maximum of 7 litres

Answer 5 : (c)

Clean clearn learn Clean cleabnclearn learn Clean cleabncleadnclearn learn Clean cleabncleadncleafnclearn learn So option (C) is correct.

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