Directions (Qs.1-4): Refer to the following information and answer the questions that follow:
‘Kem-kem” is an island in the South Pacific. The inhabitants of “Kem-kem” always answer any question with two sentences. One of which is always true and the other is always false.

Question 1: You are walking on a road and come to a fork. You ask the inhabitants Krishna, Balram and Sita, “Which road will take me to the village?”
Balram says, “I am married to Sita. Take the left road.”
Krishna says, “I never speak to strangers, I am new to these parts”.
Sita says, “I am married to Krishna. He is not new to this place.”
Which of the following is true?
(a) Right road takes you to the village
(b) Left road takes you to the village
(c) Sita is married to Balram
(d) None of these

Question 2: You want to speak to the chief of the village. You question to three inhabitants, Amar, Akbar and Antony. Only Akbar is wearing red shirt
A. Amar says, “I am not Akbar’s son. The chief wears a red shirt.”
B. Akbar says, “I am Amar’s father, Antony is the chief.”
C. Antony says, “The chief is one among us. I am the chief.”
Who is the chief ?
(a) Amar
(b) Akbar
(c) Antony
(d) None of them

Question 3: You find that your boat is stolen. You question three inhabitants of the island and they reply as follows:
Ajinkya says, “I didn’t do it. Dhoni didn’t do it.”
Dhoni says, “I didn’t do it. Krishna didn’t do it.”
Krishna says, “I didn’t do it. I don’t know who did it.”
Who stole your boat? ”
(a) Krishna
(b) Dhoni
(c) Ajinkya
(d) None of them

Question 4: There is only one pilot on the island. You interview three men-Shantanu, Aman and Shivam. You also notice that Shantanu is wearing a cap.
A. Shantanu says, “I am the priest. On this island, only priests can wear caps.”
B. Shivam says, “Aman’s father is the pilot. Aman is not the priest’s son.”
C. Aman says, “I am the priest’s son. Shantanu is not the priest.”
Which of the following is true?
(a) Aman is the priest
(b) Shantanu is the pilot
(c) Shivam is the pilot
(d) Aman is not Shantanu’s son

Answers and Explanations


Answer 1: (b)

“Left road takes you to the village” is the correct statement.

Answer 2: (b) 

It is clear that Akbar is the chief. All other options go contrary to the information.

Answer 3: (b)

Let us assume first part of the first statement to be true then second part will be false. If we relate these results with second and then third statements assuming one part to be true and other false. Then we will find that answer is Dhoni. On ‘the contrary if we assume first half of the first statement to be false and second to be true then there will be two answers Ajinkya and Krishna, which cannot be true. Hence the correct answer is Dhoni.

Answer 4: (b)

Option (b) is the only correct statement.

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