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Logical Reasoning practice questions: Logical Reasoning practice questions that you should definitely solve for your exams

Logical Reasoning practice questions help you build confidence and improve speed for exam. You can cover the theory of a single chapter or a couple of chapters together and gain expertise by solving Logical Reasoning practice questions. Giving yourself a good practice of these sets in stipulated time will improve your speed and accuracy. Logical Reasoning practice questions are most helpful when they have a detailed solution since you can later refer them in case you are unable to solve a question or look for better solutions.

Directions for the question set:
Study the following information carefully and answer the given questions.
Eight friends Qadir, Rakesh, Satish, Tarun, Vishwas, Wazir, Yusuf and Zakir are sitting around a circular table facing the Centre. 3 friends are males and the rest are females. The following conditions are followed by the group:
• Vishwas sits second to the right of his wife.
• Satish sits third to the right of Vishwas.
• Wazir sits second to the right of her husband Zakir.
• Zakir is not an immediate neighbor of Vishwas’s wife.
• Tarun is a male
• Yusuf is not an immediate neighbor of Vishwas.
• Rakesh sits second to the right of Qadir.
• No two males are immediate neighbors of each other.

Question 1: What is the position of Tarun with respect to Zakir?
(a) First to the left
(b) Immediately to the right
(c) Second to the left
(d) Third to the right

Question 2: Which of the following statements regarding Satish is definitely correct?
(a) Satish is one of the male members of the group
(b) Both the immediate neighbor of Satish are females
(c) Satish sits fourth to the left of T
(d) Wazir is an immediate neighbor of Satish

Question 3: Vishwas’s wife is:
(a) Q
(b) Y
(c) R
(d) T

Question 4: Rakesh is seated immediately between:
(a) Two Males
(b) Two females
(c) One male and one female
(d) Cannot be determined

Question 5: Who sits next to Zakir?
(a) Rakesh and Vishwas
(b) Rakesh and Wazir
(c) Rakesh and Satish
(d) Satish and Vishwas

Question 6: How many people sit between Rakesh and Tarun?
(a) None
(b) One
(c) Two
(d) Three

Answers and Explanations: Click the down arrow to expand

Common Solution for the set: We will First fix the position of Vishwas’s wife and subsequently place Vishwas and Satish.

Zakir cannot sit near Vishwas wife and Wazir sits second to the right of her husband Zakir, the only possible position for Zakir is to the left of Satish. Since Tarun is a male and thus cannot be a neighbor of Vishwas. So only position left is near Wazir and Vishwas wife.

Now we can Fill in rest of the positions easily & get following circular arrangement.

Answer 1: (d) Tarun is third to the right of Zakir. The correct option is (d)

Answer 2: (d) The correct option is (d).

Answer 3: (b) In the question, we are given that Vishwas sits second to the right of his wife. From the figure, we can deduce that Vishwas’s wife is Yusuf. The correct option is (b)

Answer 4: (a) From the figure, we can deduce that Rakesh is seated between two males. Vishwas and Zakir. The correct option is (a)

Answer 5: (c) From the figure we can see that Rakesh and Satish are the neighbors of Zakir. The correct option is (c)

Answer 6: (d) From the figure, we can deduce that three people are seated between Rakesh and Tarun. The correct option is (d)

Extra tips for Logical Reasoning practice questions:
• Cover all the chapters by doing a good amount Logical Reasoning practice questions. This will help you get accustomed to the questions patterns, styles and overall length of that particular section of the exam.
• Work on your weak areas as they may be asked in multiple questions or as a combination with another concept in the exam and you may lose on multiple questions.
• Go through Logical Reasoning practice questions from various topics understand if there are better and quicker solutions than the solutions you came up with.

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