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Definition & Meaning: Luc Root Word

Luc- comes from Latin lucidus from lucere ‘shine’, from lux, luck – ‘light’. Other forms of this word root are LUC, LUM, LUN and LUS. Let’s have a look at the word ‘elucidate’ – it means to explain something or throw light upon something. In this article, we explore some words related to Luc Root Word.

Example sentence:
To elucidate the lesson a teacher brought a lucimeter.

Words Based on the Luc Root Word

1. Circumlucid: Being light on every side
2. Elucidate: To bring light upon something
3. Elucidative: Explanatory, enlightening
4. Illumination: Light
5. Lucent: Producing light, glowing
6. Luciform: Being light
7. Lucifugal: Being afraid of light
8. Lucifugous: Being afraid light, avoiding it
9. Lucimeter: An instrument to measure light
10. Luculent: Producing bright light; lucid
11. Lumen: A unit to measure light
12. Luminaire: A lamp
13. Luminary: The lighting star of an area, an expert
14. Luminescent: Producing soft light
15. Luminosity: The quantity of lightness
16. Lustre: Producing gentle or soft light
17. Pellucid: Lucid, clear
18. Translucent: Allowing light to pass through diffusely
19. Unilluminated: Being in a shadow, unlighted

Hope you are able to learn some words related to Luc Root Word from this article. Remember, it is all about increasing your vocabulary and word roots is a wonderful method of learning multiple words at the same time.

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