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Definition & Meaning: Macro Word Root

Originating from the Greek ‘makros’, meaning ‘long’ or ‘large’, the prefix ‘macro’ is synonymous with vastness and expansiveness. It denotes something of large scale, particularly in scientific and technical contexts.

Example Sentence: As his specialty was macrophotography, his room was adorned with macroimages of plants, flowers, and insects, each revealing the grandeur of the minute.

Words Based on the Macro Word Root

Commonly Used Words based on the Macro Word Root

  • Macrobiotic: Pertaining to a diet focusing on whole grains and vegetables.
  • Macrocosm: Representing the entire universe.
  • Macroeconomics: The study of large-scale economic factors.

Technical Words/Jargon based on the Macro Word Root

  • Macromolecule: A large and complex molecule, typically found in living organisms.
  • Macrophotography: The art of taking photographs of small subjects in an enlarged form.
  • Macrostructure: The overall structure or organization of a system or framework.

Archaic Words based on the Macro Word Root

  • Macrotous: Having large ears; now seldom used and considered archaic.
  • Macrophyte: A plant, especially an aquatic plant, large enough to be seen with the naked eye.

Related Word Roots

  • Mega- (Greek): Meaning ‘large’, ‘great’, or ‘million’, used in ‘megabyte’ (a unit of digital information) and ‘megapolis’ (a very large urban area).
  • Grand- (Latin): Signifying ‘great’ or ‘large’, found in ‘grandiose’ (impressive and imposing in appearance) and ‘grandeur’ (splendour and impressiveness).
  • Giga- (Greek): Indicating ‘billion’ or ‘giant’, as in ‘gigabyte’ (a measure of computer data storage capacity) and ‘gigantic’ (very large or extensive).

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