Definition & Meaning: Magni Root Word

What does the root ‘Magn’ mean? It comes from Latin magnas, magnat ‘great man’. The words root magn/a/i usually means ‘great’ in the context of money, business and personal qualities such as generosity. Let’s have a look at the word ‘magnate’. You use magnate to call a man, who is very wealthy and powerful as a businessman. In this article, we explore some words related to Magni Root Word

Example Sentence:
The new club has a grand interior and a luxury service enticing the city’s magnates.

Words based on the Magni Root Word

Words Based on the Magni Root Word

1. Demagnify: To make smaller
2. Magnanimity: Generosity and kindness
3. Magnanimous: Noble and generous in spirit
4. Magnascope: An instrument to enlarge pictures
5. Magnificat: A song that praises
6. Magnification: The process of enlarging something
7. Magnificence: Being magnificent, great
8. Magnificent: Characterized by grandeur
9. Magnificentia: The greatness
10. Magnifico: A powerful, great man
11. Magnificous: Magnificent, grand
12. Magnifier: One who enlarges things
13. Magnify: Make something larger
14. Magniloquent: Using pompous language
15. Magnipotent: Being powerful
16. Magnitude: The extent of being great, important or large

Hope you are able to learn some words related to Magni Root Word from this article. Remember, it is all about increasing your vocabulary and word roots is a wonderful method of learning multiple words at the same time.

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