Major Religions around the World

The table and the pie chart gave the list religions around the world. We have divided it into two categories one is major religion and other is Medium Size Religion

Major Religion

Religionother nameNumber of followers (in millions)Cultural traditionFounded
Christianity2,200Abrahamic religionsMiddle East
Islam1,703Abrahamic religionsMiddle East
Hinduism1,100Indian religions (Dharmic)Indian subcontinent
Buddhism488Indian religions (Dharmic)Indian subcontinent

Undestand religion by pie chart

Medium Size

The following are medium-sized world religions

Religionother nameNumber of followers (in millions)Cultural traditionFounded
TaoismDaoism12–173Chinese religionsChina
Shinto100Japanese religionsJapan
Falun Gong80–100Chinese religionsChina, 20th century
Sikhism30Indian religions (Dharmic)Indian subcontinent, 15th century
Judaism17Abrahamic religionsLevant (Middle East)
Korean shamanismMuism/Sinism/Shingyo5–15Korean religionsKorea
Caodaism5–9Vietnamese religionsVietnam, 20th century
Babi & Baha’i faiths5–7.3Abrahamic religionsIran, 19th century
Tenriism5Japanese religionsJapan, 19th century
Jainism4.2Indian religions (Dharmic)Indian subcontinent, 7th to 9th century BC
Cheondoism3–4Korean religionsKorea, 19th century
Hoahaoism1.5–3Vietnamese religionsVietnam, 20th century
Zoroastrianism.2.6are Parsees who now thought to live in the Middle East
African Traditional & Diasporic100



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