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Picture for Malediction

Origin of the word Malediction:

Malediction comes from the word root ‘mal/malus’, meaning bad, evil or harsh or harmful. Malediction is the sum of Mal and Diction. Diction means the manner in which something is expressed in words. Hence, malediction means the bad manner in which something is expressed in words.

Learn a few more words from this root with the help of this root diagram:

The dictionary definitions for malediction are as follows:

1. The calling down of a curse /A curse.

2. Slander

Masters Tip to remember Malediction:

MALEDICTION=USING BAD DICTION (in other words, using bad words)

Usage Examples for Malediction:

1. The best maledictions are uttered by witches.

2. Elders say that to utter a malediction brings some upon one’s own self.

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