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The root ‘mal/malus’ signifies anything bad, wrong or evil. And if we look closely, each of the above words has a quotient of bad added to it. Wish to learn more about this root? Read here.

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The dictionary defines Malevolent as follows:
1. Having or exhibiting ill will; wishing harm to others; malicious.
2. Having an evil or harmful influence.

Master tips for Malevolent:
Benevolence & Malevolence
Benevolence means an inclination to perform kind, charitable acts: “Mother Teresa was a benevolent soul.”
Malevolence, on the other hand, means having or exhibiting ill will; wishing harm to others; malicious: “His reputation has been damaged by the malevolence of those who wanted to destroy his professional career.”

Usage of malevolent:
1. Your starts seemed to have turned malevolent.
2. Failure made him malevolent toward those who were successful.

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