mnemonic tip for manifoldMnemonic Aid to Learn Manifold:

Many folds become multiple folds.
In the case these manifold, these folds are of multiple and varied kinds. You just can’t put them down to any one type or nature.

Meanings of Manifold:

1. Many and varied; of many kinds; multiple: our manifold failings.
2. Having many features or forms: manifold intelligence.
3. Consisting of or operating several devices of one kind at the same time.
4. A whole composed of diverse elements.
5. To make several copies of, as with carbon paper.

Pronunciation: man-uh-fohld

Sentence Examples for Manifold:

1. The advantages of Yoga are manifold.
2. The government wishes to create a manifold program for social reform.
3. The manifold class-divisions of society mean that no single solution is acceptable to all the classes.

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