picture vocabulary for matronEvery girl one day becomes a matron when she gets married. However, addressing someone as matron is definitely not a very good idea, as it sounds very military type. Still, it is important to know the meaning, as it is used in other contexts too. It is a Noun.

Its first usage dates back to 1350-1400 and is derivative of mater, which means mother.

Pronunciation: mey-truhn

The dictionary definitions for matron are as follows:
1) A married woman or a widow having a dignified/good social position.
2) A woman in-charge of affairs or appointed as a guard of an institution like hospital, hostel or a prison.
3) A married woman observed to be calm and dignified.

Master tip to lean matron:
Matron, in an instant should invoke the image of a woman in a uniform, acting as a jailor or a warden in a military school. However, to make it easier, matron rhymes with the word apron and apron is usually associated with a woman working in the kitchen. Hence, in order to remember the meaning of matron just remember apron.

Matron can be used in following ways:
1) She is the matron for women’s hostel. (Noun)
2) She is an upper-middle class matron and knows how to manage her house really well. (Noun)
3) She is a matronal/ matronly figure (a picture of dignity). (Adjective)
4) She entered matronhood when she got married. (Noun)
5) She took up the matronship of the hostel. (Noun)

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