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Definition & Meaning: Max Root Word

So, max is an easy root to remember. We have been using the word maximum and other words like it all our life, from when our parents expect us to get the maximum marks in the class to asking the shopkeeper to show us maxi dresses.

What does it mean?
Maximum refers to the largest possible quantity. ‘Maximum’ is derived from the root ‘max’ which means the greatest. Mumbai is known as the Maximum City because it is the financial capital of India, a major manufacturing hub, home of the busiest Indian airport and the busiest Indian seaport. It is also the nerve center of the country’s Hindi-language movie and television industry. This makes it the greatest city.

Example sentence: Teenagers tend to be maximalists (someone who takes as much action or shows as much involvement in a situation as possible) due to their inexperience in life.

Max Root Word: Learn words related to word root Max

Words Based on the Max Root Word

1. Maxi-boat: A boat whose length is about 70-feet
2. Maxicoat: A coat of a maximum length
3. Maxicomputer: A computer of a bigger size
4. Maxim: A laconic statement that states the general truth
5. Climax: The highest point of a story
6. Maximal: The greatest or the most complete or the best possible
7. Maximalist: One who strives for immediate actions without compromises
8. Maximin: The maximum of a minimum
9. Maximization: The act of raising to the highest possible point or position
10. Maximize: Make as big or large as possible
11. Maximumly: To the greatest degree
12. Maxiprepation: A thorough preparation
13. Maxiseries: A comic book series of a great length
14. Maxiskirt: A skirt of a full length
15. Maxivalence: Maximum possible valence

An easy root like the max root word can help you remember a few difficult words. Also, whenever you will come across a word that is formed from the same root word Max, you will be able to understand the word in context.

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