When talks and logical conversations fail, to test out your real strength you don’t need metals or weapons; it boils down to your bare fists. A noisy hand to hand raw fight is called a melee.

It is often associated with chaos, confusion and gore. It may involve more than two people, with a lot of cuss words to keep the adreline pumping throughout the battle.

The dictionary defines melee as:
1. Confused, hand-to-hand fighting in a pitched battle.
2. A noisy riotous fight or brawl

Master tips for melee:
Melee sounds a lot like Bruce Lee who is famous for his fights. Poetically speaking, in a fight Bruce Lee vs Me , the obvious winner would be hi,, but a violent bloody battle is ensured before I suffer a concussion. Remember melee why rhyming it with the famous fighter Bruce Lee.

Usage of melee:
1. In the resulting melee, two officers were injured and five businesses damaged.
2. No one really wins in a melee.

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