Definition & Meaning: Mini Root Word

What does Mini Root Word mean?

Well, can you name the endearing, innocent creatures with a wide -eyed wonder and limited self control? Who speak a gibberish but oh so cute language. Let me give you another hint, they are the signature characters of the Despicable me series and also have a spin off movie just on them.
I am talking about none other than: Minions! The name ‘minion’ is derived from the Root Word Mini which means ‘small, less’. It is usually used to make something smaller. Here, minions refers to those who have less importance and only take orders from the leaders, like henchmen or slaves.
Example sentence:

Anna has a very controversial style – she wears only miniskirts and minidresses.

Mini Root Word: Learn words related to word root Mini

Words Based on the Mini Root Word

Other words derived from the same root are:

1. Diminish: To make something small or reduce something
2. Diminution: A lessening, decreasing, or reduction of something, or the result of such a reduction.
3. Mini-break: A short holiday that usually lasts for two or three days
4. Mini-mall: A shopping mall that has a small number of shops
5. Mini-me: A smaller version of oneself (informal)
6. Mini-skirt: A very short skirt
7. Miniature: A thing that is of a smaller size
8. Miniaturist: One who draws miniatures
9. Miniaturize: To make smaller
10. Minibeast: A harmful small “beast” such as an insect (Informal)
11. Minibus: A small bus for ten-fifteen passengers
12. Minicab: A taxi that does not pick the passengers on the street, but has to be booked on the phone
13. Minicalculator: A small calculator
14. Minicam: A small camera that can be held in hands
15. Minidress: A very short dress
16. Minify: Make smaller
17. Minion: A slave like dependent
18. Minor: of less importance
19. Minority: A smaller number of people, less than a half of the whole group
20. Minuscule: Very small

This easy mini root word can help you improve your vocabulary and also guess the meanings of the different words based on the same root word that you will come across in your day to day reading.

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