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Definition & Meaning: Mini Word Root

The Mini Root Word signifies ‘small’ or ‘less’, a diminutive prefix that nuances terms with the essence of smallness or reduction. Originating from characters like ‘minions’ in popular culture, ‘mini’ embodies the trait of being lesser in size, importance, or stature.

Example sentence: Anna has a very controversial style – she wears only miniskirts and minidresses.

Mini Root Word Tree Diagram: Diminish, Miniskirt, Miniaturize

Words Based on the Mini Word Root

Commonly Used Words based on the Mini Word Root

  • Diminish: To make something smaller or reduce something.
  • Mini-break: A short holiday that usually lasts for two or three days.
  • Miniskirt: A very short skirt.

Technical Words/Jargon based on the Mini Word Root

  • Miniaturize: To make smaller.
  • Minibus: A small bus for ten-fifteen passengers.
  • Minuscule: Very small.

Archaic Words based on the Mini Word Root

  • Minify: Make smaller.
  • Minion: A servant or follower, especially one who is unquestioningly loyal.
  • Minority: The smaller number or part, especially a number that is less than half the whole number.

Related Word Roots

  • Micro- (Greek): Meaning ‘small’, used in words like ‘microscope’ (a device used to see small objects) and ‘microcosm’ (a community, place, or situation regarded as encapsulating in miniature the characteristics of something much larger).
  • Parv- (Latin): Meaning ‘small’, found in ‘parvovirus’ (a small virus causing disease) and ‘parvity’ (smallness or pettiness).
  • Petit- (French): Meaning ‘small’, as seen in ‘petite’ (of a woman, having a small and attractively dainty build) and ‘petit four’ (a small bite-sized confectionery or savoury appetizer).

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