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It is difficult to imagine how someone can hate something so much. However, after reading about Misogamy, you will know the reason for so many bachelors in our world.

Origin of Misogamy
Its first usage dates back to 1560 – 1656 and unlike its meaning, it is made from the union, of one Greek word misein and English word gam. Effectively, ‘misien/miso’ is the root for hatred and words based on this root in some way or the other signify this sentiment. Let’s have a look at a few of these words:

1. Misogyny:  Hatred of women (Gyny stands for women, remember what a gynaecologist does).
2. Misandry:  A hatred of a man or of men in general; especially by women (can you figure out what andry would stand for).
3. Misanthrope: Someone who has a hatred or distrust of all people (mankind).

Pronunciation: mi-soguh-mee, mahy-

The dictionary definitions for Misogamy are as follows:
1. Hatred of marriage (noun)

Master tips to learn Misogamy
Misogamy can be easily related to the word misogyny, meaning hatred of women, which can be one of the reasons for a man’s hatred of marriage.

Misogamy can be used in following ways:
1. It is the fear of responsibility that eventually leads to misogamy.
2. Lalita’s past failed relationships have turned her into a staunch misogamist (noun).
3. Misogamy is one of the main themes of Bradd Pitt’s new movie.

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