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Have a close read of the cartoon strip below:

Well, you would have a sense of what the word means by now: women hater. Misogyny comes from the Greek roots, misein and gyne. Misein means to hate and gyne means women (always remember a gynaecologist: a doctor that treats female disorders). If we combine the two, we get the combination: hate women. This is exactly what misogynists do.

And the opposite of Misogyny is Misandry (hatred of men).

Words based on the root: misein.
Two words that word power provides us:
Misanthrope: a combination of misein and anthrope. Now anthropos means mankind, the same anthropos makes an appearance in anthropology (The social science that studies the origins and social relationships of human beings).
Misogamy: We know the first half of the word, know lets add the second: gamy comes from gamos, which means marriage. So the word is in fact quite simple: a misogamist hates marriage. The same gamos makes an appearance in these words: monogamy means the practice of one marriage, bigamy means the practice of two marriages and polygamy means the practice of multiple marriages.

Master’s tip for Misogyny:
There are a number of misogynists cultures come to one’s mind when one thinks of this word. The ‘khap panchayats’ in Haryana, India and the way women are treated in some Muslim countries: all of these are examples of misogyny.

Usage examples for Misogyny:
1. Chuck’s egocentric desperation to control Ariel, who is equally as desperate for freedom, drips with misogyny and machismo.
2. The rampant spread of misogyny in society can cause long term damages to the psyche of young girls and prevent them from developing into mature women.

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