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most important reasoning questions for government exams: most important reasoning questions for government exams that you should solve for a better result

While preparing for the reasoning section for the government entrance and other exams, you might feel confused about the right approach. The right thing is solving the most important reasoning questions for government exams as this will help you gain clarity on the concepts that you may have covered in your study. Therefore, what are the most important reasoning questions for government exams?
The answer to this is questions similar to the ones that have been asked in the past years. Also questions prepared from the syllabus on similar lines are also counted in it. The question sets should also consist of detailed solutions just like the ones furnished here for you as you can nicely analyze the questions after taking the exam. These sets form the most important reasoning questions for government exams as they give you a good practice and understanding.

Directions for the question set:
Study the following information carefully and answer the questions.
Four houses Blue, Green, Red, and Yellow are located in a row in the given order. Each of the houses is occupied by a person earning a fixed and distinct amount of a salary. The four persons are P, K, L, and S. Only the following clues are available to get to exact house color and salary figure of each person.
Read the following clues carefully:
I. P lives between S and K
II L does not stay in Blue house
III. The person living in Red house earns more than that of person living in Blue house
IV. Salary of S is more than that of P and L but lesser than that of K
V. One of the person earns Rs.80,000
VI. The person earning Rs. 1,10,000 is not L
VII. The salary difference between L and S is Rs. 30,000
VIII. The house in which ‘K’ lives is located exactly in between houses with people earning salaries of Rs. 30,000 and Rs.50,000
IX. K does not live in Yellow house, and the persons living in yellow and blue houses do not earn lowest salary among the four persons.

Question 1: Who lives in Red house?
(a) P
(b) K
(c) L
(d) S

Question 2: Which house is occupied by person earning highest salary?
(a) Blue
(b) Green
(c) Red
(d) Yellow

Question 3: What is the salary earned by person living in Green house?
(a) Rs. 30,000
(b) Rs. 50,000
(c) Rs. 80,000
(d) Rs. 110,000

Answers and Explanations: Click the down arrow to expand

Common solution for the set: From statements I & VIII, we can conclude that both K and P are living in the middle houses while S and L are on the extreme ends. Also from the clues given, it is clear that the salary of 4 persons is among 110k, 80k, 50k and 30k. From VII, salary of S & L can only be out of 50k, 80k or 110k as only these have a difference of 30k. Now from VI, L does not earn 110k and from IV, S also does not earn 110k. Hence S and L earn between 50k and 80k. From IV, we can say that S earns more than L, hence S earns 80k while L earns 50k. From VIII, P should earn 30k since L earns 50k. So now we can say that S earns 80k, P earns 30k , K earns 110k and L earns 50k. Now coming to house colour identification, we can say that from IX, K and P (who earns lowest salary) does not live in yellow house . Now since from III, we can say that blue house person will have salary among 80k, 30k or 50k (since red house person earns more than atleast person in the blue house) and blue house person cannot earn 50k since L does not live in blue house and he earns 50k, hence blue house person can earn only 30k or 80k. From IX, we can say that blue house person does not earn 30k (lowest) , hence earns 80k, so ‘S’ lives in blue house. From III, we can deduce that K who earns 110k should be in red house (only choice with greater earnings than 80k). Since yellow house person does not earn the lowest, hence green house’s occupant earns the lowest.

Hence, the following is the table relating the persons with their corresponding salary and colour of their houses.

Answers 1: (b) Evident from table that K lives in Red house The correct option is (b).

Answers 2: (c) Evident from table that this house is Red. The correct option is (c).

Answers 3: (a) Evident from table that salary of P is Rs .30000 The correct option is (a).

Extra tips for most important reasoning questions for government exams:
• Do most important reasoning questions for government exams and cover the entire syllabus through the same.
• Practice every variety of question and get acquainted with every question pattern that is asked in the exam as you will be familiar with the question style and would not be spending extra time in understanding what to do.
• Make notes and include sample questions in the form of most important reasoning questions for government exams so that at the time of the revision, you can refer the concepts and good examples with it.

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