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Definition & Meaning: Multi Root Word

The Root Word multi- comes from Latin multus‘much, many’ and is used to show that something comprises many things of a kind. For instance, ’multicoloured’ is derived from the root ‘Multi’ and refers to things that have many colours. However, the spelling in British and American English of the word multicoloured is different: multi-coloured in British English and multicolored in American English. Always remember which language you are learning. There can be multiple ways to use the same word. (The word multiple, again from the same ‘Multi’ Root Word)

Example sentence:

Modern megalopolises are often multi-faith, multi-ethnic and multi-cultural cities.

Multi Root Word: Learn words related to word root Multi

Words Based on the Multi Root Word

Other words derived from the same root are:
1. Multi-cultural: Having many cultural or ethnic groups within a society
2. Multi-ethnic: About many ethnicities in the same place
3. Multi-faith: Characterized by many religions
4. Multi-purpose: Having many purposes
5. Multi-skilled: Being able to do different kinds of work
6. Multi-storey: Having many storeys
7. Multidisciplinary: Combining or involving many academic disciplines or professional specialisations
8. Multifold: Being folded many times
9. Multifunctional: Having or performing many functions
10. Multigrain: Consisting of many different grains (often about bread)
11. Multigraph: A graph that can print many copies
12. Multilateral: Involving many sides
13. Multilayered: Consisting of many layers
14. Multilingual: Using or knowing many languages (more than one)
15. Multilocation: Being located in many places
16. Multiloquent: Talkative
17. Multimedia: Transmission that combines media of communication
18. Multimillionaire: One who possesses many millions
19. Multiple: Involving many parts or elements
20. Multitasking: Perform many tasks at the same time

Hope you are able to learn some words related to Multi Root Word from this article. Remember, it is all about increasing your vocabulary and word roots is a wonderful method of learning multiple words at the same time.

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