Picture for NaiveThe word Naive is used as an adjective. It is used for something that is marked by unaffected simplicity or that shows a lack of worldly experiences.
It was first used around 1350 and has been derived from the Latin word nātīvus.

Pronunciation: nah-eev

Meanings of Naive

1. having or showing a lack of experience and possessing unaffected simplicity
2. Simple and guileless
3. Showing or characterized by a lack of sophistication and critical judgment

Master’s Tip to Learn Naive

The word naïve sounds like native. Now consider a native person, he has been born in the same place and has never lived anywhere else on his own so he does not any worldly experience and is bound to be naïve.

Sentence examples for Native:

1. Due to his inexperience in foreign affairs he sometimes came across as naive and erratic.
2. Her big eyes and naive (innocent, childlike) questions made everyone feel protective toward her.
3. Don’t be so naive (foolish, gullible) as to be taken in by their lies.

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