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Definition & Meaning: Neuro Root Word

What does Neuro root word mean?

I first learnt a word related to this neuro root word through the show Grey’s Anatomy. I am sure if you followed the show (which means if you were not living under a rock for years) you would be aware of the ever so charming, good looking and excellent brain surgeon Mc Dreamy aka Dr. Derek Shepherd. He was a Neurosurgeon who is a specialist doctor dealing with the treatment of nervous structures like as nerves, the brain or spinal cord.

From this example, we can remember that the root word neuro means related to nerves or nervous system. Let us look into some examples to make it clearer. Another word which comes from the root word neuro is Neurotic which refers to a person suffering from neurosis which is a mental breakdown.

Neuro Root Word: Learn words related to word root Neuro

Words Based on the Neuro Root Word

Following is a list of words based on Neuro root word:

1. Neurotics : Having or suggesting neurosis
2. Neurosis : An emotional illness in which a person experiences strong feelings of fear and worry
3. Neuroma : A tumor growing from a nerve and usually consisting of nerve fibers
4. Neuralgia : A sharp pain that is felt along the length of a nerve
5. Neuritis : Inflammation of a peripheral nerve or nerves causing pain.
6. Neurasthenia : An ill-defined medical condition characterized by headache, fatigue and irritability associated with emotional disturbance.
7. Neuroanatomy : The anatomy of the nervous system
8. Neursosensory : Of or relating to sensory activities of nervous system
9. Neurosciences : Sciences that deal with structure or function of brain and the nervous system
10. Neuropathy : An abnormal state of the nervous system or nerves
11. Neurogenic : Forming, originating in, or controlled by nervous tissue
12. Neurochemistry : The study of chemical makeup and activities of nervous tissue
13. Neurobiology : Branch of science that deals with anatomy, physiology, and pathology of nervous system.
14. Neuromuscular : Relating to both nerves and muscles
15. Neurotoxic : Toxic to nerves or nervous tissue
16. Neuropathology: Branch of medicine concerned with diseases of the nervous system
17. Neuropsychologist : The study of the relationship between behaviour, emotion, and cognition on the one hand, and brain function on the other
18. Neurotropic : A virus or a toxin tending to attack nervous system preferentially
19. Neuroscience : Scientific study of how nerves affect learning and behaviour
20. Neural : Of or relating to nerves or nervous system
21. Neurosurgeon : Specialist/ doctor dealing with the treatment of nervous structures ( as nerves, the brain or spinal cord)
22. Neurology: The scientific study of the nervous system and the diseases related to it.

Root words are an effective way to learn words, we hope through this article on Neuro root word you will easily be able to remember words based on this root word neuro and further enhance your vocabulary.

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