Picture for NominalPronunciation: nom-uh-nl

Meanings of Nominal:

1. Assigned to or bearing a person’s name.
2. Insignificantly small of trifling or minimal compared to what was expected.
3. In aerospace & engineering –according to plan of design
4. Business -being the amount or face value of a sum of money or a stock certificate
5. In name only; theoretical.
6. Nominally (adverb)

Master’s tip to learn Nominal:

Nominal does not have one specific meaning. Due to the diversity of its meanings, it’s hard to find one particular way to learn the word. The best one can do learn nominal is remember the sentences in which its used and then derive the meaning in that particular context.

Sentences example for Nominal:

1. He charged a nominal fee for coaching classes (meaning 2).
2. She is a nominal mistress of this house, her real power is nothing (meaning 5).
3. It was instructed that the plane should have a nominal flight check before take of (meaning 3).
4. He bought the shares at their nominal value (meaning 4).
5. He has a nominal stock of shares(meaning 1).

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