Blast’em from this planet earth.
Not even a single trace should be left!

This, my friends, is the extreme sentiment exhibited by this word. A derivative from the word ‘Nuclear’, nuke means to attack a place with nuclear weapons. This obviously is not a pleasant feeling and would cause a lot of resentment for sure.

Nuke has been used colloquially as a verb for nuclear attacks, and is actually a pretty common word.

Meanings of Nuke:

1. To attack with nuclear weapons.
2. To devastate or defeat (generally in an overwhelming manner)
3. Quirky meaning: to cook in a microwave oven.

Pronunciation: nyook

Sentence Examples for Nuke

1. The President failed to realize the damage that would be caused by dropping a nuke on the enemy ground.
2. Most of the countries of the world now possess nukes.
3. Well, American and North Korea keep threatening that they would nuke each other. We think this is empty bluster of the highest order.

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