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Picture for nurtureMnemonic Tip to Learn Nurture

The debate of nature Vs nurture has been on for centuries .So use the phrase “nature versus nurture” to help you remember the word. Nature is what a baby is just out of the womb. Nurture is how that baby is raised or taken care of. Once the child is older, you may wonder if its love of reading is nature or nurture — is it natural born or is it because you read to the baby every night.

Nurture means to feed, protect and encourage a thing or person in the initial stage. If you plant a seed, water it daily and give it lots of light, you nurture it until it is ready to be transplanted outside. When you nurture a person or thing, you care for it and help it to grow. After a fight with your friend, you may have to nurture the relationship a little until you’re close again.

Pronunciation: nur-cher

Meanings of Nurture

1. The act of feeding or bringing up
2. To cherish a hope, belief or ambition
3. To bring up, train, educate

Sentence Examples for Nurture:

1. And a bitter grudge, hidden and carefully nurtured for thirteen years, is about to erupt.
2. Out-of-school activities provide alternative ways of learning and into areas not fully nurtured by within-school programs.
3. Don’t point out your flaws, because the world is not as sympathetic and nurturing as you think. – Jennifer Tilly

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