Picture for NutritiveNutritive is an adjective and is used for something that is nutritious or provides nourishment.
It came into origin around the late 14 century and is derived from the Latin word nutritivus.

Pronunciation: noo-tri-tiv,

Meanings of Nutritive

1. Of or providing nourishment
2. Nutritious; nourishing

Master’s Tip to Learn Nutritive

Nutritive is easiest to remember through its derivative word ‘nutrition’. Nutrition is a mainstream English word and is used by everybody in daily use, therefore the meaning of nutritive that is ‘providing nourishment’ becomes pretty easy to remember.

Sentence examples for Nutritive:

1. Salads are always a sure bet, perfectly suited to the season and offering plenty of nutritive value.
2. Some people contend that whole wheat bread is significantly more nutritive than white bread
3. The health and nutritive value of yogurt depends on how it is prepared.

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